Hi there, I’m Izzy

Here's a little bit about me and my background in teaching.



I'm Izzy and I've been tutoring for the last 7 years.  My students range from age 7 up to adulthood.  I have had great pleasure in seeing my students achieve their goals over the years.

My background is in business and accountancy (although I do very much enjoy my art for relaxation!).  I have a great passion to help people who want to learn and I recognise that students learn in different ways. 

After taking a teaching course, I have applied my knowledge of the subjects and created a teaching environment that focuses on building student knowledge and confidence, through fun and interesting lessons.


BSc(Hons) Business in Industry

Sept 1989 - May 1993

I selected an Applied Science Degree which I thoroughly enjoyed due to the diversity of the subjects - from accountancy to innovation and product design.  This provided me with a fantastic basis to proceed with my career in the real business world.

CIMA - Chartered Management Accountant

Dec 1993 - June 2003

I began to work in a manufacturing business and followed the route of Management Accountancy.  Progressing through my career I developed my business skills in both manufacturing and service industries.


  • All lessons are taught in English